Bigg Boss 10 Winner Name Leaked, Runner Ups Announcement, Grand Finale 2016

Bigg Boss 10 Winner, Winner Of Bigg Boss 10, Leaked Bigg Boss 10 Winner Name, Bigg Boss 10 Runner Ups, Bigg Boss 10 Winner Announcement, Bigg Boss 10 Grand Finale Date 2016

*17th December* Super Dancer Grand Finale 2016, Winner Announcement

{18th December Super Dancer Grand Finale 2016, Winner Announcement}- There are 5 Top Super Kids are performing on 9th & 10th December, who will out from the show. As last week there was no elimination from the dance reality show, but judges votes and audiences votes will be counting on the coming Saturday Sunday. Who will gets the less votes that contestants will be out from the Grand finale. The Super Dancer Grand Finale has been schedule on 17th December, Saturday at 8:00 PM. This will be a major passionate minute for all since all are appended with each other and now, we can state all are flawless dancers. Before long, We will observe Super Dancer Grand Finale 2016. Be prepared to watch today’s exceptionally entertaining Episode 26 of Super Dancer. Last week guest Ranveer Singh came to advance his up and coming move Befikre. He likewise exceptionally upbeat to saw all Super Dancer 4 December 2016 Episode Performance.


Super Dancer Grand Finale 2016

{ Super Dancer Grand Finale 2016}- Last week, Super 5 Kids did stunning dance on Ranveer Singh’s Superhit Songs like Aiva Lut Gaya, Aadat se Mazboor, and so on. These all contestants are truly exceptionally inspired. We have no words to say anything in regards to that.

Ditya, Laxman, Masoom, Yogesh and Dipali. These 5 Contestants are impeccable dancer of India. We can say these all are winner of Super Dancer.

Super Dancer last week 2016 Episode is truly Wonderful. Every one of the dancers are beating likewise Judges, India’s Popular Choreographers. Every one of the Gurus are additionally doing diligent work with Super Kids and giving Mind-Blowing performances.

Every one of the Judges Shilpa Shetty, Anurag Basu and Geeta Maa are giving full marks to all Contestants.

Super Dancers Grand Finale date is finally declared by the makers, on 17th December 2016 on Saturday. Fan’s of supers dancers are eagerly waiting for the moment when super dancer winner will announced.


Super Dancer Winner Announcement

{ Super Dancer Winner Announcement }- Now there are 5 kids are performing on 9th December 2016, and one of the contestant is eliminating from the reality show. Who will going to eliminated from reality show before Grand Finale.. So more updates stay yune with us, soon we will shares the information on our respective blog. Thank You.


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  1. i wish all the kids all the best for ur performance. i will pray for u.

  2. Yogesh is a very versatile and unique entertaining dancer he is incredible dancer
    Yogesh should be a winner✌

    1. Yes sunaina g

  3. Yogesh is a very versatile and unique entertaining dancer he is incredible dancer
    Yogesh should be winner

  4. Winner-Masoom
    Surely.This will be the results.

    1. Winner is Desi Jackson Masoom.

      1st Runners up-Laxman.
      2nd runner up-Diplai.

  5. All are top Class rare Super Dancers.After enterning the Grand Finale the top 5 super talented kids storming,Without eliminating for last two weeks.It seems that Laxman and Ditya are in Danger Zone to enter top 4 or Grand Finale.
    Any way
    After watching the last “the tough” “toe-belly dance” and todays’ “Micheal Jackson styled Dance”,it is sure winner is Masoom.
    The first ever 9 year old “Toe-Dancer”.It is required 12 years minimum age to dance a Belly Dance on Toe”.

    Todays’ Electrifying Micheal Styled dance added another chance to the crown.She is now “Desi Jackson”.

    Winner is Desi Jackson Masoom.

    1st Runners up-Laxman.
    2nd runner up-Diplai.

    1. I m agree with yr predict, but unfortunately our Desi Jackson has lost.

  6. Laxman is a very very good dancer

    1. I agree with you.laxman really deserve it.he is really awesome

  7. Masoom will be the winner

  8. Ditya is sooooo cute and a fantastic dancer…. She will win…. My best wishes and votes are with you Ditya…. Go and conquer the stage…..

  9. Laxman will be the winner and he is a very very very very good dancer

  10. I’m sure that laxman will win

  11. Ditya us winner because she is very good dancer

  12. I will vote for masoom because she is the best dancer

  13. Masoom is the winner..she really deserve to win

  14. Northeast will support you masoom

  15. masoom iz da best of Dance Ka Kal

  16. i think laxman deserve it
    deepali doesnt deserve it he also have selected for acteres

  17. Masoom will be winner

  18. Laxman is very talented boy he is tommorow of dance

  19. Masoom is the dance ka kal

  20. Yoigesh and deepali will be winner

  21. Laxmam is a good dancer in super dancer. My support in laxman.I like it laxman dance

  22. Laxman is best

  23. only laxman bro

  24. I want laxman to win the show

  25. I like dipali khup chan

  26. I think Laxman was winner of2016 super dancer

  27. for me laxman is d winner…

  28. Laxman is winner

  29. yogesh should be winner…..

  30. golot hoya he real supar dance ka khal jo he dipali…. kintu melahe Ditya ko this is worng i talk you sony tv parfect real dancer 100% dipali.. i am so so sad really this is not good all is all dance good dipali…because ditya looking good right i know …..thanks sony tv

  31. Mason very gud dancer love u baby

  32. Massom winner,he is properly dancer,
    laxman 2nd but he best dancer

  33. Its not fair….final winner must be laxman or masoom..feeling not gud

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